Spanish la Liga is a football league in Spain. It was first introduced by Jose Maria in 1927 after developing an idea about national football federation league in Spain though he didn’t know about the teams and clubs to join by then.
After the idea, the Spain Real football federation reached into consensus on the ten teams to be part and parcel of Spanish La liga. The teams including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Bilbao, Arenas De Getxo, Real Sociedad and the Real Union which were into Spanish La Liga qualified premier division. These teams were given the first priority because they were the first and early winners of Copa Del Rey.
At the former cup, Atletico, Europa and Espanyol qualified as the Runners up of Copa Del Rey while Racing De Santander went through a knock me out competition to win and to date only three teams including Real Madrid, Athletico Bilbao and Barcelona are the only teams of the founders of Spanish la Liga which have never been out of the Premier division.
During the early stages of Spanish la Liga plays, Barcelona won its first tittle in 1929 while Athletico Bilbao set its pace in 1930, 31, 34 and 36 while in 1932 and 33 the cup belonged to Real Madrid.
To date Spanish La Liga is composed of twenty teams competing for the cup. Apart from the list given above, we have Villareal CF, Levante, Valencia, Sevilla, Celta De Vigo, Osasuna, Celche CF, Granada Cf, Getafe, Malaga, Almeria, Valladolid, Rayo Vallecano and Real Betis. The latest standings in the Spanish La Liga shows the first founders at the top with Real Madrid at the top with 63 points followed by Barcelona, then Athletico Madrid and Athletico Bilbao coming fourth with 60, 60 and 50 points respectively. The first three positions have a direct entry to champions league group stage. With Barcelona having a high level of goals so far, Real Madrid has the possibility to win the Spanish La Liga cup.
In conclusion, we still have about four more games to go in the Spanish la Liga competition. Real Madrid has a stiff competition from Barcelona though it has a higher hand for winning this cup. to my opinion, though i am a fan of Barcelona, Real Madrid has a high chance of winning the Spanish La Liga.